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We Can Quit2

A randomised pilot trial of a community-based smoking cessation intervention for women in disadvantaged areas of Ireland


Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of morbidity, mortality and health inequalities in Ireland. The ‘We Can Quit2’ (WCQ2) programme is a new smoking cessation intervention for women living in disadvantaged areas, previously developed and examined in promising feasibility research conducted by members of our team with the Irish Cancer Society.


To conduct a cluster randomised pilot study which will determine the feasibility and acceptability of trial processes in evaluating a community based smoking cessation intervention (WCQ2), including randomisation of districts, recruitment and data collection in both the intervention and usual care arms, for women who smoke, and are living in disadvantaged areas of Ireland, to inform the sample size estimates and design of a future definitive trial.


The study results will be used to guide researchers and clinical staff on how best to organise smoking cessation services for women.

Principal Investigator: Trinity College Dublin

NMAHP Research Unit Collaborators: Kirsty Loudon

External Collaborators: Bauld L - University of Stirling, Darker C, Dougall N - Edinburgh Napier University, Ryan P, Vance J.

Funder:  Health Research Board

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