Transforming Care Delivery

This programme places people and their healthcare journeys at the heart of understanding quality and delivery of care. It aims to understand; how health and social care systems of care adapt, interface and integrate with each other over time; how different systems operate to deliver seamless and comprehensive care for patients and to explore the changing roles of healthcare professionals and use of non-professionals in delivering innovative new ways of working.

The programme includes implementation science methods to provide robust research evidence of which strategies work to facilitate implementation of evidence-based healthcare in a safe and effective way and sustainable way, reaching the intended target audience and maintaining the outcomes demonstrated in controlled trials.

The focus of the programme is guided by key current changes to healthcare: health and social care integration; the need for more care to be delivered at home; the crucial role that primary care will play in future delivery; changing roles of healthcare professionals and use of non-professionals.

Strategic aims of the programme

  • To work with and enable the NHS and policy makers to identify effective and sustainable policies and interventions to impact on health and social care
  • To respond to the increasing needs of practitioners, policy makers, patients and the public for robust timely and useful evidence of what works to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland and beyond.