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Our Skills

The NMAHP RU is a multi-disciplinary research unit comprising over 60 academics, researchers and support staff. This includes representatives from Nursing, Midwifery, and Allied Health Professional disciplines including occupational therapy, prosthetics, physiotherapy, optometry, and speech and language therapy. In the social sciences, we currently cover the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and anthropology. We also have statisticians contributing to our work in intervention trials and data linkage/ epidemiological work, along with high-level qualitative skill sets and systematic reviewers.

We have 8 Professorial research leads covering Nursing, Midwifery, AHPs and Primary Care.

The Unit has developed a critical mass of NMAHP Trialists to support methodological developments in randomised controlled trials, including economic evaluation, of complex interventions relevant to the nursing, midwifery or allied health professions. Our trials are supported by the:

Trial Management Group: consists of highly experienced trial managers and researchers
Quantitative Methods Group: consists of experienced statisticians and data analysts 
Qualitative Trialists: researchers who use their qualitative skills to support the development of interventions; understanding of trial implementation; and understanding of trial outcomes.

The Unit is also developing expertise in Implementation Science to provide robust research evidence of which strategies work to facilitate implementation of evidence-based healthcare in a safe and effective way, reaching the intended target audience and maintaining the outcomes demonstrated in controlled trials.

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