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Authors and consumers together impacting of evidence


The ACTIVE project aimed to bring together evidence, information and resources about the active involvement of people (such as Cochrane Consumers) in a systematic review.  The goal was to help Cochrane review authors have meaningful active involvement in systematic reviews, specifically by providing learning content to support the development of an online learning resource relating to how to involve people within systematic reviews.


To address these aims we have:

  • Carried out a comprehensive systematic review to find reports of active involvement in published reviews. The protocol for this has been published in the journal Research Involvement and Engagement.  The full results of this review are being prepared for journal publication.
  • Interviewed 13 people who have been involved in reviews where there was active involvement. These interviews have been audio-recorded and transcribed.
  • Brought together the results of the review and the interviews to create the structure and content of the online learning resource. We are contributing to ongoing discussions and work to develop, test and finalise this learning resource.


The key outcome of this project is the development of a Cochrane Training online learning resource aimed at helping systematic review authors involve people in their reviews.  This is due to be launched at the Global Evidence Summit (Capetown) in September 2017.

Principal Investigator: Dr Alex Pollock

NMAHP Research Unit Collaborators: Dr Pauline Campbell, Dr Jacqui Morris

External Collaborators: Goodare H - Lay Member,  Hill S - La Trobe University Australia, Nunn J - La Trobe University Australia, Struthers C - University of Oxford, Synnot A, La Trobe University Australia.

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